Summer Preschool Program for Syrian Children

AÇEV develops and implements intervention programs suited to the needs of disadvantaged children with limited access to preschool education to enable every child to reach their highest potential starting from the early years.

Since 2003, we have implemented our Preschool Education Program (PEP) at venues we established in regions with limited access to early childhood education. In 2016, we adapted this program to cater to the needs of Syrian refugee children and piloted it in collaboration with the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of National Education.

Based on school adaptation issues Syrian children are faced with when starting formal schooling in Turkey, the Summer Preschool Program for Syrian Children is a short-term intervention program that is aimed at increasing school readiness.

Summer Preschools Program for Syrian Children in collaboration with the GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) Administration under the UNICEF Program Cooperation Agreement

Within the scope of the agreement signed between the GAP Administration and UNICEF for the Empowerment of Syrian Children and Youth Work Plan Cooperation, AÇEV’s Summer Preschools Program was implemented for Syrian refugee children in the Multi-Purpose Community Centers (“ÇATOM”s) established in seven provinces in the southeast of Turkey (Adıyaman, Batman, Gaziantep, Kilis, Mardin, Siirt, and Urfa).